Before Beginning Local Humanitarian Work

By Rabbi Louis J. Swichkow, “Invocation for Women’s Group”
as published in Rabbi Morrison David Bial (ed.), An Offering of Prayer: Prayers and Meditations Private and Public (Summit, NJ: Temple Sinai of Summit, 1962) p. 65. Adapted by Hinda Tz. Eisen, 2013.

Eternal God, Supreme Creator:

Gathered on behalf of our people’s cause and humanitarian ideals, we ask Your blessings, upon the work of our hands.

Grant us discernment and guidance in all our avenues of activity. Enable us to discharge our responsibilities diligently and faithfully, with sincerity of purpose and accompanying our every deed. Bless our endeavors to bring a measure of salvation and rehabilitation to our brothers and sisters.

Please keep our beloved country safe and secure, free from every enemy, internal and external. Inspire the citizens of this land of the free to fully appreciate the precious rights and privileges they have been destined to enjoy. Cause Your precepts of brotherly love, loving-kindness, and tolerance to motivate their pattern of life. May their common objective ever be the endowment of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all the inhabitants of our land.

Strengthen us, together with lovers of freedom everywhere, to contribute our share in hastening the arrival of that long-awaited era when justice will flow like a mighty stream and universal peace will be the everlasting inheritance of all Your children.



About Hinda

Cantor Hinda Eisen Labovitz has served as the Cantor/Educator at Ohr Kodesh Congregation in Chevy Chase, MD since June 2014, two weeks after she achieved cantorial ordination with a masters degree in Judaic Studies from Hebrew College (Newton, MA). Cantor Labovitz served as a part-time shlichat tsibbur at Congregation Kehillath Israel in Brookline, MA, and as the assistant to the conductor for the Zamir Chorale of Boston, where was a proud alto from 2006-2014.
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