Prayer for a Mother Whose Child is Abroad

From Fanny Neuda, Stunden der Andacht: Ein Gebet und Erbauungsbuch für Israels Frauen und Jungfrauen [Hours of Devotion: A Prayer and Devotional Book for Women and Young Women of Israel], (Prague: Wolf Pascheles Publishing, 1858, 2nd ed.), pp. 101-102. Translated from the German by Hinda Tz. Eisen.

“The Lord will keep you from all evil; God will keep your soul.” (Psalm 121:7)

All-Gracious God—far from his parental home, far from his mother’s care and concern, my child lives in a foreign land, and I, who would find delight in watching over his health, in guarding his every step, in lavishing my undying love and faithfulness on him, am separated from him. My eye, my hand, my voice cannot reach him. I can but pray to You, my God, for his welfare and deliverance.

O Merciful One, hear the fervent supplication of my heart; take my child into Your almighty protection, lead him safely over every rock and thorn in his path. Endow him with such charms and grace, with such prudent modest and deportment, that he will win the hearts of everyone he meets. Procure for him the friendship and benevolence of his neighbors, and thus turn the foreign land into a home for him.

Preserve the health and vigor of his body and soul. Guard him against evil, calamity, and danger. Allow his soul to remain pure and clear and cleave in childlike innocence and piety to all that is noble and divine, that his eye and demeanor may ever be a brilliant mirror of his unblemished heart.
O God, grant him strength and calm, energy and perseverance to attend to and fulfill all the tasks he undertakes, that they may be a blessing and a beacon for him and make his life happy and contented.
Help him conquer all troubles and obstacles, and grant him all that may assist in his present and future welfare.

O Father of All, hear my fervent prayer and bring my child back to me, at the right time, full of joy and the vigor of life, to be the pride and delight of my heart, a blessing to all, and pleasing in your sight, my God and Sovereign. Amen.


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