The Ultimate Forgiveness

Cantor Hinda Eisen Labovitz
For Selichot with Congregation Beth El of Montgomery County and Ohr Kodesh Congregation

In this season, we request absolution from our fellows, and request absolution from God.  Though our human and divine community gives us the opportunity to repent our transgressions, too often do we withhold forgiveness from ourselves.

Let us each say,

As I go into the new year, let me give myself a new beginning.
As I recall my own past mistakes and transgressions, let me achieve a place of self-understanding.
Before I feel embarrassment or shame from the memory of a misdeed, let me truly be able to say “I have forgiven myself for that,” and let me be able to move on.

Ribono Shel Olam – Master of the Universe! As I am created in Your image, and You are a loving God who gives me the opportunity to repent and gives me the gift of Your forgiveness, help me embody You, and learn this year to forgive myself.


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